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Snow and ice management is not a simple business. Few things related to it are constant - except the need to have service you can count on. So why does an insurance agency provide snow removal services? We have been helping people since 1923. We started by keeping our office area clear of snow and ice. Our neighbors asked if we could help them remove snow from their office parking areas and one thing led to another.  Why juggle inconsistent environmental factors against limited resources, and high client expectations ? We can help you manage that risk by insuring it or limiting your exposure.

If you have ever had the experience of working with someone who is exceptional at what they do, you may agree that it can be tricky to express what it is that makes them so exceptional. 

We do one thing consistently- help manage risk. Why, because we love it. We love the challenges, and the rewards of doing a job that enables others to do theirs. Give us a call to schedule a risk assessment of your commercial and residential areas. It's free! 

Member: The Accredited Snow Contractors Association and the Snow and Ice Management Association.

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